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My Spicy Cup

Spice | Experience | Naturally

Signiture coffee spice blends with experience for flavoring coffee and milky drinks.
100% natural, with quality ingredients and unique flavour combinations.

Spicy coffee drinks

Put the recommended amount of spice mix into the cup and pour the hot coffee over it, either pour the capsule / filter coffee over it, or pour it from the coffee maker) and mix well! Season with the desired amount of warm milk and/or milk foam!

Spice Latte
(no coffee) drinks

You can enjoy the magical taste of spices even without coffee. You can make all versions of every flavor!
On the Making page you will find all the information you need to make it yourself.

Ice Latte

MY SPICY CUP spicy drinks can also be prepared with ice. You can make all versions of every flavor! Be a part of the Spicy feeling and experience how it affects all your senses!

Spice Chocolatte

Our hot chocolate version is Spicy Love, which is made crazy with the spices of love. You will love it! Be a part of the Spicy feeling and experience how it affects all your senses.
My Spicy Cup - Fémdobozok

Be a part of the Spicy feeling and experience how it affects all your senses

COFFY – the classic
PINK ROSE – the harmonizing, elegant and irresistible
CURCUMA LATTE / GOLDEN MILK – the healthily refreshing
ORANGE GINZENG – the bursting vitality and energy
CHOCO LATTE – the refined version with cocoa
GINGERBREAD – the taste of the holiday
SPICY LOVE – spices of love with natural aphrodisiacs
100% természetes
100% natural
refined sugar free
dairy free

Unique spice blends
Fantastic flavors

The recipes are the result of a long preparatory work and a careful testing process, so that we can offer something truly unique and of high quality.


Premium ingredients

One of the most important values for us is quality, since quality food can only be made from the best quality ingredients.


Handmade product

Our handmade products are made in a Hungarian spice mill with domestic workers.


Food safety

Each and every spice in MY SPICY CUP comes from spice suppliers that are carefully controlled and have quality certificates.


Long shelf life

Our spice mixes retain their quality for 24 months from the date of packaging, subject to compliance with the storage rules.


Easy to make

CsaJust one movement, and the spices mixed into the hot coffee/milk open up a new dimension for the senses.

Gourmet vanília

Environmental Protection

It is extremely important for us to leave as small ecological footprint as possible. When designing the packaging, we paid particular attention to sustainability aspects: the products are available in recyclable, refillable metal boxes and paper packaging.


Free training for our resellers

Spiced drinks can easily be prepared from MY SPICY CUP spices. In the framework of a short training course, with the help of infographics, we will show your employees how to serve various spicy drinks with consistent quality.


Free marketing materials

Free marketing materials are provided to resellers, with which they can introduce MY SPICY CUP flavors into their range.


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Spice. Experience. Naturally.